About me

Rowland Glaysher (Rollz)
The Isle of Wights best known artist.

"Rowland Glaysher known as Rollz, has proved to be so popular that he has converted the former chandlery Pascall Atkeys workshop in cowes highstreet into an art gallery and studio."

"Rollz Specializes in oils and acrylic paints and draws his insperation from his nautical surroundings."

Country Press (Local Newspaper)
"The place is full of character and is a ideal place to accomodate and show my work."

Rowland Glaysher (Rollz)
Rowland Glaysher known as Rollz was born in Surrey and settled on the Isle of Wight many years ago. He has slowly worked his way to become the island's top artist.

Because of the growing demand for his work, he set up his art studio at Arreton Barns, Main Road, Arreton, Isle of Wight. He has held many successful art exibitions.

You may catch sight of him on his way to work, sometimes by his vintage bicycle or driving around the island in various classic cars from his collection.